Boat Rentals

Life vests and boat insurance included

Booking minimum 2 days prior of arrival


Tehri 6020 C with steering console, mercury/tohatsu 25 hp 4-strok, trailer, sonar
Price:  rental 1 day   1700 SEK/Day
.           rental 1 day   1200 SEK/Day
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Kimple 440 Adventure with tiller steering, suzuki 15 hp 4-stroke
Price: rental 1 day   1200 SEK/Day
.          rental 1 day   850 SEK/Day
sonar + 100 kr
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C     Coastal waters and inshore: Constructed for use near the coast, in large bays, river mouths, lakes, rivers and wind forces up to 14/ms and significant wave heights up to 2m.

D     Sheltered waters: Constructed for accomplishing trips on sheltered waters, in smaller bays, on smaller lakes, rivers and canals when the wind force is up to 8/ms and significant wave heights up to 0,3m.


Guided fishing in Vojmån

From 900 SEK

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