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The grayling with its characteristic purple / reddish dorsal fin likes the flowing clear and cold streams, but can also be found in our lakes. Many people consider the grayling both as a sport fish and a food fish, to the latter we recommend to cook it almost immediately after the catch, grilled in foil directly on the shore, perhaps with a little juniper as spice. The grayling mainly eats insects which means that good bait for fishing grayling is with a fly, but you can also fish it with spinners and by angling. Fly fishers can use the nymphs or dry flies, you could try one of the classics ”superpuppa” or ”europa 12”. Spin fishers can use small spinners like RGV gliet or king facet. In flowing water you can find grayling in everything from fiery rapids to still sel. The grayling also got a relatively low comfort temperature and is best fished during early summer and during the late summer / autumn, when the water is colder.

An exciting fishing experience for both the experienced fly fisherman and the beginner is nymph fishing with a dummy indicator in a litle deeper rapids, because you can catch alot of fish that way and you do not have to throw very far. Vojmån is famous for the garyling fishing it can offer. You can for example test Volgsele and north in Vojmån Fishery Conservation Area. If you prefer to fish in a lake we recommend Malgomaj (Nordansjö, Malgovis and Strömnäs Fishery Conservation Area).

If you want more information about grayling fishing you can contact us using the form below, or you can call us on +46 (0)940-107 60