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Malgomaj fishing area

Lately Malgomaj has become known in Sweden for its  great availability of Char and Rainbow Trout and is absolutely one of the best of it’s kind, which for the most part has its origin from the fish farm, just outside of Lövnäs in the northren part of the lake. Despite this the fishes are spreading out well and great catches occur regurarly even below Nordansjön.Recommended fishing techniques for Char, Rainbow Trout and Trout is trolling with long lure, aswell as wobbler. 
The lake also has good access to GraylingWhitefish and Trout and on special locations, even PerchPike and Burbot.

Boat rental

Malgomaj is a big lake that quickly may change character due to the close proximity to the mountains etc, boats of class C or bigger is recommended, at Saiva camping we provide rental of boats with steering console , sonar and trailers.

The fishing area is new and is still under buildup/planning e.g. boat ramps with parking connected to them, and garbage disposal. (However guests are asked to haul all garbage to home or somewhere else, until a proper garbage disposal is installed). Prices:

1 Day 100.-
3 Days 250.-
1 Week 500.-
1 Year 1000,-
extra 500. for partner

Fishing permit sellers: Grönlunds jakt & fiske, Stalons bensin, Vilhelmina turistbyrå och Fishing rules (This is a summary of complete information. Falls on any individual to follow when purchasing a fishing permit.)

  • Max one (1) permit per person and day.
  • Max five (5) game fishes per person and day.
  • One (1) hand tool per person with (1) lure or fly fishing rod with max three flies. No nets, angeldon or any other fixed gear.
  • Fishing from boat is allowed. It is allowed to row with lurs or use long lures with one rod. No trolling.
  • Fish remains shall be dug under ground or taken care of in other way. Prohibited to be left on the beach or on the ice.
  • The fishing permit also includes accompanying children and teenagers at the maximum age of 16.

Any breach of rules will be charged or handed over to legal review.