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General information

  • Hunting seasons in this area
    • Capercaillie, Black Grouse     25 Aug. – 15 Nov. After that, only roosters can be hunted until 31 Jan.
    • Grouse                 25 Aug. – 15 Mar.
    • Hare                    1 Sep. – 28 (29) Feb.
    • Fox                      1 Aug- – 15 Apr.

Vilhelmina is known for its small game hunting and grounds with profuse wildlife. Primarily capercaillie and black grouse are hunted here but also grouse. This area has grounds that are suitable for bird hunting using either barking or pointing dogs. The mountainous terrain, ca 50 km away, is where to go if you want to concentrate only on grouse hunting. There are excellent opportunities for hare or fox hunting using a hound. This type of hunting is underestimated which is a shame because there is generally plenty of hare and the grounds are free from wolves.