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Hunting licence

The hunting grounds have very varied terrain with areas of felled forest, ancient forest, young forest, mires, undulating and flat ground, mountains etc. The hunting grounds are located all around the municipality, each with its own type of conditions. For detailed information about Vilhelmina’s hunting grounds, we recommend an introductory day with a guide. Otherwise, our general advice is to try out 2-3 different grounds and get to know them properly before trying more. It could be a good idea to make a print-out from Google as a supplement to the map of the area. You will see the different types of forest and terrain and you will soon learn what is what in reality. We have large areas within a 50 km radius (ca 80 000 hectares) in forestlands of 500-15 000 hectares and at prices from 250 SEK per day. Download the Vilhelmina Hunting Map


You are welcome to contact us with any questions