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The perch is an underrated sport fish that is very good to eat, fried in butter with potatoes is considered by many to be a real delicacy. The perch are found in large numbers in most lakes and ponds below the mountains.

The easiest way to catch perch is by angling with worms, it can however be difficult to catch the really big ones this way because their main food is small fish. If you want a better chance of catching a big perch you should try spinning. Suitable bait on a spinning rod is spinners or jigs. If you prefer a fly rod, try a fish imitation or pike flies. Since the perch like heat, you can usefully fish it during hot summer days when other kinds of fish chooses to fo down to deeper water. You can often find larger perch near the roach shoals which can be seen eating and splashing around at the surface. Good examples of lakes for perch is Fatsjön and Baksjön included in Volfsjön Lake Fishery or Grundsjön/Insjön which is included in Nordansjö Fishery

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