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The pike is our largest freshwater fish and like the perch it can be found in most of the water below the mountains. The pike has recently grown in reputation as a sport fish and the dream of many fishers is to catch a pike that weights in over 10 kg. The pike mostly eats other fish such as roach or perch. Fishing methods that works well for pikefishing are spinning, trolling, fly fishing and angling with bait that is alive. However you need to have a little more advanced equipment than the fishing rod used for perch or roach. When spinning, you can use the spoons, wobblers and spinners. Suitable flies to use are large tube flies that imitate small fish or poppers (flies with a blunt head that goes into the surface but popping and splashing when you take them home in the snatch). Keep in mind that the pike’s teeth are numerous and sharp, so use ”ståltafs”, which can be found in all fishing shops in northern Sweden. Equivalent for fly fishers is also available to buy.

During the summer when the water is warm, the pike will go to deeper parts of the lake and comes up to the edge of the reeds in the evenings to eat. It’s at that time you should try to catch pike, just throw after the pike outside the reeds, preferably from a boat so that you can fish in deepter water outside the reeds aswell. You can often see the pike hitting when they go into shallower water.

Water that is worth testing for fishing pike includes Volgsjö Fishery the lower part of Vojmån Fishery,  or Varesen located in Malgomaj Fishery.

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