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Trolling with a motor

Trolling with a motor differs from trolling through rowing as you use a motor on your boat instead of rowing it. You often use a bigger boat with more rods when you use a motor.

Trolling with a motor or trolling through rowing is two different methods of fishing where you drag the bait behind a boat. It’s a good fishing method if you’re a couple of friend going out to fish as you will get much time to socialize while cruising along the lake. It’s probably most common to fish with spoons and wobblers this way, but you can try any fishing lure. Try different speeds and turn the boat as you drive so you’ll find the fish.  You could also try different depths to find the fish where it is on the day you are out fishing. When using this fishing methods it requires alot of extra equipment. For example you can have a depth righ, ”paravan”, sonar, GPS and more. You can also do it without most of these things as long as you have a rod and bait, but it can be good ta have rod holders so you can have more than one rod, and GPS so that you see the speed at which you drive when the fish bites and can adapt to it, sonar so that you look over how deep you are when the fish bites. This fishing method is a good fishing method if you are after big fish. Since it requires little effort and you can socialize with friends while you fish you can keep on a long time and go fishing in a large area and additionally with several rods at the same time that can attract fish.

Trolling through rowing

Trolling through rowing is perfomed, as the name suggests, by rowing while you fish behind the boat. The equipment varies and can b as simple as a reel with line and bait, but the most common is probably with a spinning rod. In our mointain areas it is common to use a so-called long lure if you are trolling for char. It consists of about 4-5 spoons stuck on a steel rope and at the rear there is a hook, of course. Trolling through rowing also works well with wobblers, spoons or spinners for trout and pike in our lakes. Release an appropriate amount of line for the depth you want to fish and then row at a leisurely pace. Since it is so difficult to maintain a steady speed when rowing, the fishing lure will get a choppy and uneven speed effortless.

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