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Spin fishing

Our most common fishing method is spin fishing, that can be used for most fish species. You use a spinning rod with a spinning reel and some kind of fishing lure. The fishing lure can, for example, be spinners, spoons or wobblers and are available in different sizes, colors and shapes to attract different fish in different conditions. Spinning reel and thin spun line gives a long throw and the line will cut the water well so that you can fish deeper.

Spin fishing can be done both from land and from a boat, but the boat is usually preffered as it comes closer to the fish and can you can move wherever you want to fish. You can also get to places you normally cant if you fish from land. For example, shallow and deep edges that you can not access from land.

Spin fisshing with jigs can be a rewarding way to catch perch. Jigs are rubber baits in various forms resembling something alive that rattles through the water and available in different weights and hook sizes. You fish near the bottom and ”jigs” the bait, ie carnking as slowly as the depth allows and jerk the rod a little so that the jig rushes forward a short distance and attracts the perch to a bite.

Spoons and wobblers can be useful for catching pike or trout and thanks to its weight it can be used from land aswell. Try to wind in the line at different speeds and varying with little jerks or stop occasionally.

Spinners works for almost all fish, from perch to trout. You can try a small spinner to catch trout or char in flowing water, or you could try heavier spinners for pike and perch in the lakes inlets. Wind in the spinner as slow as possible, just pay attention so that the spinner spins. It shows easily as the resistance increases when it spins.

If you have any questions regarding spin fishing, feel free to contact us at Saiva!