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All temporary events planned this year.

Midsummer at Saiva Camping 2024 — Friday the 2nd of June

Welcome to celebrate a traditional Swedish Midsummer with us at Saiva! Together we dress the midsummer pole and then there will be dancing and games around the pole to live music. For our youngest guests, there is a bouncy castle and pony rides as well as a trampoline.

We will serve midsummer buffet, hot dogs and coffee.

Preliminary Program for Midsummer Eve 2024

11.30-14.00 Midsummer buffet and coffee

11.30-15.00 Bouncy castle and trampolines

12.00-14.00 Pony riding

13.00 We dress up the midsummer pole

Summer carols and live music

14.00-15.00 Dance and games around the midsummer pole