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Volgsjöns fishing area

Volgsjöns fishing area consists of lakes Volgsjön, Fatsjön, Baksjön, Insjön and Swan Lake and associated waterways. The area is easily accessible and provided with shelter, parking spaces. 

The area offers fishing for large adult Trout by trolling in Volgsjön. Good populations of Large Pikes is located in parts of Volgsjön, Fatsjön and Baksjön  Furthermore, the area offers fishing for GraylingWhitefish and Perch. All waters are open for angling with ice fishing, roll, fly and rod, and pull behind a boat (trolling). One piece of gear per fisherman

Prices, fishingcards Volgsjöns fishing are:

Day card 70 SEK
3 Day card 120 SEK
1 Week card 180 SEK