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Our most popular sport fish and also one of our most popular food fish. It lives in both running and stagnant water in and beneath the mountain range. Thrives in cold and clear water preferably with stone or gravel bottom and the comfort temperature is between 6-16 degrees celsius. The trout is very delicious when it is fried in butter with fried onions and grated carrots.

The trout eats insects and small fish and you can fish it in many different ways. If you want bigger trout we recommend trolling, spin fishing and fly fishing. In August, when darkness comes back to northern Sweden, the trout is exciting to fish at night when the large trout is hunting. Then test to fish it with streamers such as muddler minnow. Like everything else, it becomes more difficult to fish in the dark so be sure to make yourself familiar with the fishing area while it is bright and bring a flashlight.

Good fishing areas for trout is Northwestern Volgsjön in Volgsjö fishery conservation area, Vojmån fishery conservation area or Malgomaj in Strömnäs and Nordansjö fishery conservation area. When it is warmest during the summer the trout goes down in deep water but comes up in shallower areas during morning and evening to eat.

If you have any questions regarding trout fishing in Vilhelmina you are welcome to contact us. Use the form below or call us at +46 (0)940-107 60.