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Hunting with a barking gundog

With a barking dog, you walk slowly through the forest, preferably against the wind to make it easier for the dog to get the scent of the bird. You walk sufficiently slowly so that the dog has time to search all the ground ahead of you; it searches in arches 100-400 metres to the side and ahead of you. When the dog picks up the scent of a bird, it tracks it until it finds it. The bird then flies up into a tree and the dog stands and barks under the tree.

You begin to creep up to it and now the real challenge comes. The bird can be very difficult to see and if it sees you, it will fly away. You must wear camouflage-coloured clothes and hide your face with a mask or handkerchief and wear gloves. The dog helps to distract the bird by attracting its attention.

An experienced dog will locate birds in trees too and moreover, if you scare the bird off, a well trained dog will hear where it lands again in another tree, even 200 metres away.