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The whitefish lives below the mountain chain primarily in lakes, but also in running water and has a relatively high comfort temperature so it can often be found in reasonably shallow water. Smoked whitefish is a classic that is appreciated by many. Let it soak in salt before smoking it with alder wood chips or juniper.

The whitefish eats insects, benthic invertebrates, small fish and more. A popular fishing method is dry fly-fishing in early summer especially when “sjösandsländan”, or coat as it is called, hatch. It is also possible to fish with angling, but if you do so, remember that it wanders around during the day so that you do not give up if you do not get one right away.

Good fishing areas for whitefish is the lower part of Vojmån, Volgsjöfors, Malgomaj and Vojmsjön fishery conservation area. If you want more information and tips when it comes to whitefish fishing, please contact us through the form below. You can also reach us by telephone at +46 (0)940-107 60.