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Vojmåns Fishing area

A wonderful river that winds around Vilhelmina. Vojmån is one of the last large, partially pristine stream waters in Lapland. Rapids, strengths and pools succeed each other along the entire route is about 65 km long and drops 80 m. Large parts of the river can be accessed by car and there are shelters located along the entire route.

Vojmån is suitable for fly and spin fishing for Grayling and Trout. Grayling fishing is regarded as the best fishing. In the river, you can also get great big Trout and in the lower/southern parts of the river the fishing for Pike and Perch is excellent.

Prices, fishing cards Vojmå river Fishing area:

Day card 75 SEK
3 Day card 180 SEK
1 Week 240 SEK
Year card 360 SEK