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Guided Activities

Canoeing Trip with Beaver Safari

let us take you on a canoeing trip in the silent wilderness of Lapland. This is beaver country!

Price: 800 SEK Read more…

Elk safari in the forests

An exciting evening tour by car through some of Vilhelminas richest wildlife areas

Price: 900 SEK Read more…

Visit at the sleddog camp / Hiking with sleddogs

Visit the camp and cuddle with the dogs or take a hike with them

Price: From 150 SEK Read more…

Mountain walk with dog

A full day trip in the forest and mountain terrain along with nice dogs.

Price: From 500 SEK Read more…

Canoeing trip on lake

We take you canoeing in the evening sun when birds and animals become active

Price: From 650 SEK Read more…

Boat Rentals

In the summer of 2016 we will launch rentals of boats suited for i.e. trolling in Malgomaj.

Price: From 700 SEK Read more…