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Many of us probably connects angling with the lazy days of the summer. You might sit on the dock and see the red and white float bobbing up and down in the water, when you suddenly see the float disappear down when the perch finds the mask. This type of fishing, minus the float, is probably the oldest method of fishing we have, and even today it is popular among both young and old.

To fish through angling, all you need is a rod (you can cobble a wooden stick to use), a line, a hook and something to put as bait, a worm or a maggot for example. You can use different bait and methods depending on what fish and how big fish you want to catch. For example, so-called floattrolling is an effective method when it comes to catching big pike. You use a throw-angling rod, boat and fish as bait, dead or alive. The throw-angling rod is made of a ordinary casting rod, an elongated float, a sinker and of course a hook. Good fish to use as bait is roach, preferably bigger ones so that it does not attract the little pikes. Thereafter you row slowly over different locations on the lake with the bait behind the boat. When you catch something, you should wait a while before you make a proper counter-thrust so that you do not pull before the pike has been hooked up. You can also try to fish from the shore to catch big perch. Then you’ll have to choose a smaller baitfish.

If you have any questions regarding angling, feel free to contact us, we’ll be more than happy to help you with your needs.