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3-day fly-fishing course

Improve your fly-fishing

This fishing weekend is aimed at people who have done some fly-fishing but who want to develop their fishing by gaining more knowledge and a greater understanding. The course is run together with fishing guides and includes lectures by experts.

Do not confuse this course with others that have 6-10 people per guide!

All of the following points will be gone through systematically:

  • Insects, dragonflies and other benthic invertebrates
  • When can I expect swarming? How will that affect my fishing?
  • The fish’s eating cycles
  • Using the right fly at the right time. Day-time/night-time/in late summer, in certain special places
  • Plants that can affect fishing
  • How to deal with flow, high/low water
  • How to deal with different water temperatures and different species
  • Where and in what waters can I expect pike?
  • Casting techniques in flowing water e.g. how to prevent the fly from drawing the cast

Preliminary schedule (depending on weather, swarming etc.)

Thursday: You arrive in the afternoon. If the weather is suitable, we start fishing straight away.

Friday-Saturday: 8-10 hours of guided fishing per day when the weather is suitable; lectures are given when suitable; after-fish sauna and hot tub bathing.

Sunday: If the weather was unsuitable on Thursday, you will have guided fishing on Sunday instead.

Course weekends: 5-8 June, 12-15 June, 26-29 June

Why these weekends?   This period offers the best possible chance of insects and dragonflies swarming and therefore the best possible fishing and optimal training conditions. Also, water temperatures will not yet be too high.

Included: Guided fishing, fishing permits, lectures, transport, 3 nights’ accommodation with cleaning, light lunch and snacks, sauna and hot tub bathing.


3 950 SEK/person (on condition that 4 people sign up)