Boat Rentals

Saiva offers boats rental suitable among other things for trolling in Malgomaj.

Life vests and boat insurance included

For 3 days, a week or a different period see our prices on our Malgomaj Package Deal to the right.

Boatdiscount when renticg cabin/RV-place on Saiva, regardless of the number of rentaldays

Living in     cabin       RV-place

1      dag        10%           10%
2     dagar     15%           15%
3-4 dagar     20%           15%
5-6 dagar     25 %          20%
7     dagar     30%           20%

Tehri 6020 C with steering console, mercury/tohatsu 25 hp 4-strok, trailer, sonar
Price: 1100 SEK/Day
Quantity: 2    Read More…

Uttern 4700 with tiller steering (gearshift in handle), mercury 8 hp 4-strok
Price: with trailer and engine          700 SEK/Day  sonar + 100 kr
Price: with trailer, without engine  550 SEK/Day  sonar + 100 kr
Quantity: 1     Read more…

Linder 440 fishing             300 sek
Tohatsu 3,5 hp rudder.     200 sek
trailer                                    200 sek
Packageprice:  600 sek/day
Linder 440 is smaller and is in class D which mean not suited for windy weather on Malgomaj
Quantity: 1     Read more…


C     Coastal waters and inshore: Constructed for use near the coast, in large bays, river mouths, lakes, rivers and wind forces up to 14/ms and significant wave heights up to 2m.

D     Sheltered waters: Constructed for accomplishing trips on sheltered waters, in smaller bays, on smaller lakes, rivers and canals when the wind force is up to 8/ms and significant wave heights up to 0,3m.

Send a request to book any of our boats and we will return as soon as we can.

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