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About Saiva


Saiva Camping was started up here in the early 1960s and was run by Vilhelmina municipality until 2000. It has been under the current management since 2004. Up until 2014, the campsite has been run in the traditional way, primarily renting out camping spaces and cottages.

In 2014, we also started to offer guided activities.

Saiva, the enchanted lake. Saiva is a Sami word which denotes the state you enter after death (somewhat like reincarnation). Your soul enters a lake, mountain or something similar. The area around the Baksjö lake is said to have spirits that ensure you always get fish but only if you fish with respect for the spirits and for nature.

Pictures in collaboration with photographers Erika Lorde , Thomas Nybrand and Emanuel Edman

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Saiva Camping
912 31 Vilhelmina

Phone number:

+46 940-107 60